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Animation & Graphic Design Courses: Unleashing Creativity

The dynamic and creative discipline of animation graphic design blends technology, storytelling, and the arts. Enrolling in a thorough course is crucial if you’re thinking about a career in this fascinating field. To help you become an expert in animation graphic design, the United World Institute of Design (UID) provides top-notch programs. This comprehensive step-by-step guide will assist you in enrolling in and succeeding in UID’s animation graphic design courses.

Despite their similarities, graphic design and animation are not the same, and the roles of graphic designers and animators are distinct. We’re here to help you understand the differences between the two, even though they can be unclear in this context. Read on to discover how to ignite your creativity with graphic design and animation courses beyond tenth grade. You’ll also learn how to liberate your imagination and acquire the fundamentals of compelling visual storytelling.

Who is an Animator?

An animator’s main duty is to give life to all of the drawings and images created by a graphic designer. Ultimately, the result primarily consists of a thousand images, effects, and other tastefully rendered visual elements. The fundamental categories into which animation can be divided include traditional animation, commonly referred to as cel animation (frame-by-frame animation), 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion animation.

How Does Animation Work?

Animation is scarcely an isolated field. It is a link in a long production chain, which also consists of:

Pre-Production: During this stage, the animator develops the storyline, storyboards, backdrops, and concept art and merges the two into a single finished piece. They’re all really thought-out and preparation-intensive. Original stories and content are not created in a single day.

Production: In this phase, each concept is given its own visual identity, backstory, and artwork. It is separated into four sections: Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, and Animation; in this section, each character and environment, whether created by a 2D or 3D animator, is given a framework. 

Post-Production: Here, every scene, shot, and sequence that was produced is edited and composited in line with the director’s and the screenplay’s instructions. During this phase, additional sound and visual effects are also applied.

An animated movie or episode is produced once all of this work is finished. Professionals with the necessary qualifications and determined individual artists work at each of the previously described components and stages. Each of these several procedures may produce a final product that differs from the others. Animation is just one step in the process, as you can see.

What are the Tools Used by Animators?  

Animation is the process of creating motion from still images. Motionless images that are seen quickly give the appearance of motion in media like film or video.

Animators are digital artists who possess conceptual design, drawing, creative development, and curiosity talents. They also use technology and software for animation. The following inventory gives a general idea of the tools animators use: 

  1. 3ds Max (AutoDesk) 
  2. After Effects (Adobe) 
  3. Blender (The Blender Foundation) 
  4. Cartoon Animator 4 (Reallusion) 
  5. Character Animator (Adobe) 
  6. FlipBook (DigiCel) 

Is Animation a Good Career? 

Even after reading this in depth, the question remains: Is animation a better career option than graphic design and other well-known industries like engineering, medicine, and MBAs? Another question that may arise is whether you can get a good-paying job in the Indian animation industry. Yes, in that case, provided that you have a consistent source of income! Though it won’t be able to provide you with a position with a large income, the Indian animation industry can offer you numerous good career prospects and in-demand job chances.  

Is Graphic Design a Good Career?  

In the creative medium of graphic design, you must employ images to make your point clear to the viewer. It’s a great profession for creative people who value communication, art, technology, and multimedia. It is projected that the graphic design industry in India will employ 3 to 8 percent more people by 2030.

As long as businesses are starting and growing, there will always be a need for graphic design, so there are plenty of opportunities. If you have an eye for aesthetics, this can be the perfect career for you, even if it takes a lot of work, practice, dedication, and persistence. In order to pursue a profession in this area, you can enroll in a variety of graphic design courses.


Both the animation and graphic design fields are highly artistic and creative by nature. Even though animation aims to entertain and tell a story to its audience, graphic design essentially serves as the art of communication.

Graphic design involves meeting with clients to produce logos or advertisements that appear in multiple media. Movies, video games, television shows, and other media use animation. Although a great deal of creativity and design are required for these two career paths, the outcomes are very different. 

Despite the fact that both have a plethora of possible applications and prospects, and that people thrive in terms of their jobs, money, and job satisfaction, animation remains the best. This is because, over the last few years, animation has undergone a tremendous amount of evolution and split into multiple distinct entertainment industry sub-sectors.

Animation has significantly higher demand and far more career opportunities than graphic design, where anyone can pick up a few tools and call themselves a graphic designer while barely touching the surface. 

Thus, consider all options carefully before making a decision. Never forget that your work was a result of your pursuit of an animation and visual effects diploma, your zeal, and other innate abilities. We hope that this article has improved your knowledge of what it takes to work in graphic design or animation. 

Are you eager to begin your journey in animation and graphic design? Enroll Now at UID now and transform your creativity into a thriving career! Visit our website to begin your journey now!

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