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Visual Communication

The Power of Visual Communication

In business, we frequently use email, instant chat, and lengthy text papers to communicate concepts, details, and procedures. Consider this: how frequently do you delegate tasks, discuss projects, or send written requests to colleagues? If your response was “often,” you have an excellent opportunity to increase your staff’s output. Studies indicate that visual communication, as opposed to text-based communication alone, offers a very efficient means of exchanging concepts, data, and procedures. When you combine text with graphics, your team will be better able to synthesize information, understand details and the broad picture more quickly, be more willing to read, and be more innovative, productive, and transparent.

This post will teach you how to use straightforward visual communication to your team’s advantage.

Improve your team’s ability to synthesize information.

Researchers W. Howard Levie and Richard Lentz compiled the findings of 55 studies in their paper, Effects of Text Illustrations: A Review of Research, to ascertain whether or not visuals related to text enhance positive effects like learning and comprehension. In 98% of all the experiments, pictures that complemented the text were helpful, and they enhanced information synthesis by 36% on average.

What happens when we lay out a project or idea using visual aids? This suggests that others grasp ideas more rapidly. Although CEOs have the ability to understand your objectives more quickly and give you the tools you require to succeed, direct subordinates have the freedom to carry out your vision more independently.

Teams can quickly understand the idea and carry it out effectively with roles and duties that are clearly defined and an execution strategy in place.

Break through the scanning barrier.

We’ve been conditioned to scan information rather than take the time to synthesize it since there is so much of it available to us. The Nielsen Norman Group looked at 60,000 internet page visits as part of a study to find out how long users spend reading the page’s content on average. What was the outcome? Most people only read 20–28% of the words on a page.

Since web reading habits influence how one reads emails, a flood of information can bury project specifics. Visual aids can accelerate communication and prevent forgetting details.

Assist individuals in understanding the broader context as well as the intricacies.

According to Winn and Holliday’s study Learning from Diagrams: Theoretical and Instructional Considerations, visuals—more especially, diagrams—can be useful in the following ways:

  1. Focus on the most crucial information.
  2. Connect ideas.
  3. Generalize the information.
  4. Make distinctions between the pieces of information. 

We chatted with Pearson Publishing’s Director of Learning and Development, Gabe Gloege, to learn more about the effects diagrams have on the workplace. Pearson’s sales representatives create mind map diagrams that provide a concise overview of the content in each course and their interrelationships. According to Gabe, the outcomes are as follows:

Gabe’s experience is consistent with the studies, demonstrating that visual aids significantly aid in making connections between specifics and the overall scheme of a plan.

Implement visual communication.

To really benefit from this, more than just emojis are required. A platform that can link to the locations where you communicate is required. You’ll want a quick and simple method to develop your concepts. A visual communication tool such as Lucidspark is indispensable if you want to visualize and create the future, as well as bring your ideas to life.

The advantages of visual communication are readily apparent, regardless of whether you choose digital solutions or whiteboarding. Will the visual advantage aid your squad more than anyone else’s?

Unleash the power of visual communication with your team! Learn how to enhance synthesis, break through scanning barriers, and grasp the big picture with ease. With the Unitedworld Institute of Design, you can elevate your communication game.

Our visual communication course provides a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary for success, regardless of your level of experience.

Don’t miss out on the advantages of visual communication. Elevate your team’s productivity with the Unitedworld Institute of Design’s approach to visual communication. Start harnessing the power of visuals today!

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