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Recent Events

Praxis 5.0

Praxis 5.0 by the Department of Interior & Furniture Design themed Tactile Tectonics sought to create a contemporary dialogue that weaves profession into academia. It aimed to explore new possibilities in the field through convergence of traditional, contemporary and interdisciplinary concepts inspiring students to traverse beyond conventional thresholds.

December 29, 23

Modus’ 23

Modus’ 23 came with some electrifying discussions and speaker sessions on communication design where students grasped giving meaning to a void of impossibilities. Modus also amalgamated out of the box creative expressions crafted by students through an exhibit consisting of typesurface shadows, infinite reflections through play of light, calligraphic strokes, labyrinth and more all coming […]

December 29, 23

CREA : showcasing students’ design talent

Crea was a platform that showcased the talent of students from three diverse realms: product design, automobile and transportation design, and interaction design. It was a vibrant stage for these emerging talents to showcase their creative pursuits. This gathering served as a dynamic feature for the imaginative contributions of these aspiring designers. That year’s fest […]

December 23, 23
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