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Prof. Amrita Madan


Qualification :-  Bachelors in Architecture, Certificates in French Language CESP(Post-Graduate Certificate for Specialization in Landscape Architecture, DEA(Degree in Research equivalent to M.Phil), Certificate in Disruptive Business Strategy, Currently Pursuing PhD

College/University :-  Sushant Schools of Art and Architecture, Versailles, France, University of Paris VIII, France, Harvard Business School Online Executive Education, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

Prof Amrita Madan, Director, UID-NCR Campus is an educator and researcher as well as a practicing architect and designer (since 1997), having a Master’s in Landscape Planning (2001) and an M.Phil. (Urban Theories) (2002), from France. She has a keen interest in the cross-over between fields of creative thinking in the making of space, experientiality, design thinking and narrative-based design methodologies.

Amrita’s firm belief is that we produce our best work when these boundaries are intangible rather than tangible, i.e., there is no segregation of one area or one idea from the other. What better way to proceed if all these areas of action can be coalesced together, such that our impacts can be deeper. Her pedagogic delivery feeds her research and innovation, allows her to mentor students and young faculty through the lens of institution building. She has developed studio premises and approaches that fulfil the intent of an evolved teaching and learning process, that also give space for young faculty to develop their research agendas. The studio then becomes a ground for innovation and institution development.

Prof Madan has taught Architectural Design since 2002, conducting undergraduate and postgraduate studios at Sushant School of Art and Architecture, India and elsewhere, including invited Professorships at the ENSP, Versailles and ENSAP, Lille, France. Other than developing studio pedagogic programs, Amrita has also structured course curricula and mentored faculty teams and designed and developed Faculty Training, Orientation and Research programmes. In her practice of over 18 years, at Atelier Anonyme Design, a multidisciplinary design firm, Amrita has worked as the creator, thinker, designer, conduit and the ‘wrangler of space’ for varied experiential design projects.

Amrita is currently pursuing her PhD tentatively titled “The architect in a transforming world: Evolving a systemic relationship between practice and academia” from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, under the supervision of Prof Manoj Mathur. This thesis is in continuation of what Amrita practices – the bridging of practice and the academia – in a deep theoretical framework. Amrita’s journey over her 25 years of experience since graduation is a testament to this cross-over

Amrita is the recipient of Woman of Excellence in the field of Architecture and Design 2022
by the Indian Achievers Forum. The award is a recognition of Prof Madan’s commitment to
excellence and her dogged determination to transform Architectural education and practice,
making it inclusive, multidisciplinary and, hence, future-ready.

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