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Amrita Pandey

Title of the Project

About my Project:

For this exercise I took my city, Indore as the subject because this city has proved to be the catalyst for change in my perspective towards the widely varied culture of India. For the ‘taking’ part of this exercise, I photographed the places and things of Malwa which hold the seamless mixture of modernity and ethnicity and showcases its splendid traditions. For the ‘making’ exercise, I made a contemporary mask which is an overall representation of my state’s culture viz. the tiger and leaves representing rich flora and fauna, the crown at the top portraying authority and royalty and ‘Mandana’ in gold which is the folk art of Madhya Pradesh. My creative leap represents my culture in visual and physical forms and indeed depicts ‘the heritage that defines me’.

Latest updates news (2024-04-23 05:00):

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