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About B.Design (Hons.) Animation and Digital Media

B.Design (Hons.) in Animation and Digital Media at UID is specially designed to provide top-notch industry-ready professionals in the various fields of animation and digital media. The objective of the course is to familiarize the students with various approaches, methods, and techniques of Animation Technology. Starting from traditional 2D classical animation to new-age immersive experiences like AR/VR, projection mapping, and 3D Animation, the course prepares the students to master skill sets and relevant understanding so that they can opt for any career pathway in the animation & digital media industry, at pre, post or production levels. The course enables the students to manage Animation Projects from its conceptual stage to the final product creation. We believe in the overall development of the students, which will lead them to achieve great heights in their careers and, practice by influencing the world with their skills and creative attitude.

B.Design (Hons.) Animation and Digital Media is offered as part of Department of Animation and Digital Media

Department of Animation and Digital Media
The Department of Animation and Digital Media (ADM) at UID is a well-equipped and highly skilled department as per industry standards. Its course curriculum is designed to reinforce 360 degree learning, keeping project based approach at the core of it. Being a part of UID, Animation and Digital Media is neighbored by various other design departments such as Communication Design, Product Design, etc., giving scope for organic interdisciplinary exposure. The availability of highly trained, experienced, and diverse faculty makes ADM one of the best places for students to experiment with their skills and interests and grow in all possible ways. A strong relationship with the industry through guest lectures, student internships, and placements ensures a winning situation for all.

Why study Animation and Digital Media at UID?

  • The course creates ability for the student to think out of the box and have divergent ways of thinking
  • A project centered curriculum gives students knowledge, through design thinking and experiential learning.
  • Well designed & equipped studios are conducive for learning, state of the art digital , infrastructure with modern technologies such as AR/VR lab, Cintiq Systems, Interactive Smart Tables add to the enabling environment.
  • Experienced group of highly qualified and diverse faculty ensure course delivery and mentoring of a high standard.
  • An incubation facility for budding innovative and professional entrepreneurs ensures high levels of opportunity.

Course Structure

Semester 1


  • Professional Communication
  • Leadership Development Lab


  • Art, Design and Culture
  • Visualisation & Representation
  • Material Exploration
  • Digital Tools- I
  • Design Process
  • Basic Design

Semester 2


  • Thinking Skills


  • Design Criticism and Aesthetics
  • Form Space and Structure
  • Digital Tools – 2
  • Discover Design in India


  • Drawing for Animation – 1
  • Classical Animation – 1
  • Integrated Foundation Project – Animation Design

Semester 3


  • Professional Ethics


  • Principles and Practices of Management


  • Programme Elective- I (Any one)
    1. Illustration
    2. Stop Motion Animation
  • Programme Elective- II (Any one)
    1. Photography
    2. Experimental Animation


  • Creative Coding


  • Narrative Development
  • Drawing for Animation – II
  • Concept Art & Character Design
  • Introduction to Sound & Music
  • Studio: Animatics

Semester 4


  • Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Applied AI


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tinkering Studio


  • Programme Elective- III (Any one)
    1. Graphic Narrative
    2. Introduction to Live Action
  • Programme Elective- IV (Any one)
    1. 2D Digital Animation I
    2. Thematic Music for Character


  • Film Language and Appreciation
  • Fundamentals of 3D Animation
  • 3D Environment Design
  • 3D Character Design
  • Studio: Character Animation & Performance
  • Apprenticeship (4 weeks)

Semester 5


  • International Language- I (Any one)
    1. German- I
    2. Italian- I
    3. French- I


  • Conceptualization & Characterization
  • Speed Modelling in Clay
  • Fashion Styling Fundamentals
  • Space Perception
  • Design Systems
  • Style Statements: Costume Jewellery
  • Concept Sketching
  • Illustration


  • Programme Elective- V (Any one)
    1. Stylized 3D
    2. Facial Animation
  • Programme Elective- VI (Any one)
    1. 2D Digital Animation II
    2. Introduction to Digital Sculpting


  • Social Immersion
  • Advanced Character Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • VFX and Compositing
  • Studio: Live-action VFX

Semester 6


  • International Language- II (Any one)
    1. German-II
    2. Italian-II
    3. French-II


  • 3D Background Design
  • Industrial Design CTG (Color, Trim, Graphics)
  • Surface Design and Development
  • Design with Parametrics
  • Design for all Senses
  • Component-Based Design
  • Brand and Identity Design


  • Research Methodology
  • Interdisciplinary Design Project


  • Programme Elective- VII (Any one)
    1. Game Animation
    2. 3D Architectural Visualization
  • Programme Elective- VIII (Any one)
    1. Projection Mapping
    2. Advanced Digital Sculpting


  • Game Design
  • Metaverse and Technology
  • Portfolio Development

Semester 7


  • Internship
  • Production Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Studio: Specialization Classroom Project


  • Design Management

Semester 8


  • Graduation Project


  • Design Research
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Areas of Specialization

  • – 2D & 3D Animation
  • – Graphic Narratives
  • – Advertising
  • – Direction
  • – Character Design
  • – VFX & FX
  • – Game design
  • – AR\VR

Career Prospects

Animator gives new life to a character or an object. This course prepares students for exciting careers in the fields of Film & Television, Advertising, Cartoon Production, Print News Media, Visual Design, Motion Graphics, Game Design, AR\VR Experience Design, and Mixed Media Design. Animators are in great demand by E-learning companies and advertising agencies. Almost all high-tech MNCs need animators for their innovative and creative visual skills. Apart from this illustrators and character designers, have great opportunities in the children’s book illustration and video gaming industries. Freelancing is another lucrative career to pursue.

Learning Model of B.Des. (Hons.) Animation and Digital Media

The learning model at UID is incubated to create and adapt to an appropriate environment of
learning that facilitates our students with new experiences. We make sure our learning model
engages the learner into new dimensions of work. This model provides an environment for
interactive student engagement and enhances the system thinking ability.At UID, we believe that the experiential knowledge gained while developing and implementing this
unique learning model is transferable to other disciplines as well.

Sanjay Sankla
Sanath PC
Tara Douglas

UID organises a number of workshops on a regular basis to help students connect with and expand their creativity. The workshops introduce students to the concepts of design and provide a strong grounding and encourage personal and artistic growth through innovative self-expression. All the classrooms are equipped with unique modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment that provide an extensive experience in art and design. The workshops offer insights into topical themes in the field of design along with practical exercises that come with a high level of professionalism.


I have an educational background in a non-science stream. Am I eligible for B.Des (Hons.) Animation and Digital Media at UID?

Yes, you are eligible for B.Des (Hons.) Animation and Digital Media, irrespective of your discipline. All you need is a burning desire to tell stories!

What should I include in my portfolio for admission to the B.Des (Hons.) Animation and Digital Media department?

Your portfolio should reflect your desire to tell stories, observe people and borrow from everyday life. Good sketching is an advantage although clear communication through simple drawings is equally valuable. It is advisable to keep your portfolio concise & crisp.

Are sketching skills a requirement to get into the programme?

Basic sketching skills will surely help you in the Design Aptitude Test. It is a good idea to practice live sketching regularly as it helps you to present your ideas. Sketching, drawing, and illustrations will be a part of your modules at UID.

What kind of subjects/courses will I study in the Animation and Digital Media programme?

The Animation and Digital Media programme at UID offers a well-balanced, hands-on, and industry-focused curriculum of theory and practical courses, taught over 4 years in an Undergraduate programme. The details of semester-wise subjects/courses are shared on the website in the department section.
The B. Des. (Hons.) programme includes subjects covering a range of topics beginning with fundamentals of drawing, animation, and design. It covers the pre-production-post stages of a variety of analog and digital animation techniques including stop motion animation, experimental animation, graphic narratives, title and logo animation, 2D digital animation, 3D character design, entrepreneurship, and research methodology which prepare students for industry and academic careers. Students get the opportunity to study an international language as well as opt from a bouquet of interdisciplinary electives. Internship & Graduation projects help to gain real-world experiences.

Does UID organize study trips?

Study trips are organized for students to sensitize them to the cultural influences that might affect the design of animation. The trips may include visits to craft and heritage places, industry visits, design studios, etc. for an immersive experience as per the requirement of the courses. They may vary from local visits to outstation travels for a couple of days. Faculty members also accompany the students on the study trips.

What companies have the students go to for Internships and Graduation Projects?

Our students have pursued their internships with multinationals like Tata Elxsi, Snej Hammer Games, Bucks Design, Anicipate, Greengold Animation and studios like Vaibhav Studio, Disney India, Studio Eeksaurus.

What are the options after graduation & what support is available from the institute?

The students upon completion of their degree choose one of the following,

  1. Have their start-up & be entrepreneurs. The Corporate Resource Centre at UID guides as required.
  2. Go overseas for higher education. The International Relations Office at UID guides and supports the admission & visa process.
  3. Get a job in the industry. The Corporate Resource Centre at UID works with the students from their Internship onwards for aspiration mapping & placement accordingly.

What is the examination/ evaluation system?

The evaluation for each course has the following parts-

  1. Continuous Evaluation- It comprises marking regular assignments during the semester. There are points for attendance too.
  2. Mid-Term Exam- Students are evaluated through written exams and an internal jury during the mid-semester.
  3. End Term Exam- The final exam comprises of written paper for theory courses and an external jury for practical courses.

What infrastructure is available on campus?

UID provides world-class facilities at its sprawling campus. The infrastructure includes a computer lab with high-end machines, a Wacom lab, a technologically advanced Felder Lab, a Makers Lab that includes 3D printers, an AR VR Lab, machines for metal works, a fully functional wood workshop, a leather lab, ceramic lab, audio-visual rooms, library, and an auditorium. All the classrooms are equipped with unique modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment that provide an extensive experience in art and design. The campus also houses a Centre for Craft Innovation where students can engage in a symbiotic learning model with craftsmen & artisans from across the country for product development & diversification.

What are the class timings?

Classes are scheduled from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Labs are kept open after hours at the request of students if required, safety precautions like Mask, aprons & gloves are all mandatory for the student’s safety.

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